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"AC / DC" is an abbreviation for "alternating current / direct current". The older sister of Malcolm and Angus Young, Margaret, suggested the name for the group after seeing the inscription "AC / DC" on the back of the sewing machine (by the way, it was Margaret who invited Angus to perform on stage in school uniform).


Brothers Angus (born March 31, 1955; at the request of Atlantic Records, Angus's birth year was officially indicated as 1959), Malcolm (January 6, 1953 - November 18, 2017) and George (November 6, 1946 - October 22, 2017) Young were born in Glasgow (Scotland), but in 1963 together with most of the family left for Sydney. George started playing guitar first and became a member of the most successful Australian band of the 1960s, The Easybeats. It was the first local rock band to release the international hit "Friday on My Mind" in 1966. Malcolm soon followed in his brother's footsteps as the guitarist for Newcastle's The Velvet Underground (not to be confused with New York's The Velvet Underground).
Brothers guitarists Malcolm (he initiated the band) and Angus Young were joined in November 1973 by vocalist Dave Evans, bass player Larry van Kriedt and drummer Colin Burgess (eng. Colin Burgess). The quintet debuted on December 30, 1973 at the Checkers bar in Sydney. The original line-up changed frequently - the group changed several drummers and bassists during 1974. In September 1974, AC / DC replaced Dave Evans with the charismatic Ronald "Bon" Scott (born July 9, 1946 in Kirrimer, Scotland - died February 19, 1980 in London, England), an acquaintance of George Young and had experience as a vocalist ( in The Spectors; by the way, Bon was a chauffeur at AC / DC when he was offered to take Evans' place). From this event the group's path to success began. Two songs were also recorded with Evans: "Can I Sit Next to You Girl" and "Rockin 'in the Parlor" (in 1974 they were released as their debut single). "Can I Sit Next to You Girl" was then re-recorded with vocals from Scott. Margaret Young, in addition to the name, also suggested that Angus use the school uniform (corduroy jacket and shorts, tie) as a stage costume (Malcolm once gave all the participants the task to show up for rehearsal in suits), which he wore at Ashfield High School for Boys in Sydney (Ashfield Boys High School). He began to wear this uniform plus a schoolbag at almost all concerts of the group. The band became one of the most famous and popular in the country thanks to their continued participation in the popular television show Countdown (between 1974 and 1978), which was broadcast throughout Australia. During these years, AC / DC released a number of successful albums and singles, including the acclaimed rock and roll anthem “It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)” (“Long way to the top (if you want to play rock'n'roll)"). The band signed an international contract with Atlantic Records and began to actively tour the UK and Europe, gaining prominence and gaining experience, playing the opening act for famous rock bands of the time such as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Cheap Trick, Nazareth, Foreigner, Thin Lizzy and The Who. In 1976, AC / DC's third Australian album, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, was released. The invasion and wave of popularity of punk rock in 1976-1978. the band survived well thanks to their rude and provocative lyrics and partly due to the fact that it was classified as a punk band in the British music press of the time [source not specified 404 days]; however, the band members themselves hated punk rock - as manager Michael Browning said, "It was impossible even to talk to AC / DC about punk without them getting angry." They achieved success in the British rock scene thanks to their powerful and scandalous concert shows, and Angus Young quickly became famous for his provocative behavior on stage, which, among other things, led the group to be banned from performing at several UK concert venues. ... Produced by Mutt Lange, 1979's Highway to Hell took the band to the top of the world's rock charts of all time. The album became the most popular of the group's discography at the time of its release. Many songs on this album can still be heard frequently on the radio, and the riff of the title track instantly became a classic in rock music.
The death of Bon Scott
On February 19, 1980, Bon Scott, being in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication after another party in London's Camden Town, was left overnight in the car of his friend Allistair Kinnear. He found Bon the next day dead. The cause of death was officially hypothermia, although the most common version to this day is that Bon Scott schoked on his own vomit. It is also mentioned that asthma played a role in his death, but this has been questioned recently. The band members initially planned to end their musical activities with AC / DC, but later decided that Bon Scott would like the band to continue. The musicians have tried several candidates for the vocal position, including former Moxy member Buzz Sheerman, who was unable to join due to voice problems, Slade vocalist Noddy Holder and former Back Street Crawler member Terry Slesser. On Lang's advice, the band invited Brian Johnson to audition, who impressed the band with two songs, one by AC / DC and one by Tina Turner ("Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Nutbush City Limits," respectively), and they soon invited Johnson for a second audition .
The band soon wrote the album Back in Black, also produced by Lang. Back in Black, released in 1980, became the band's best-selling album and one of the most significant in the history of rock music. The next album, For Those About to Rock (We Salute You), released in 1981, also sold very well and was well received by critics. The composition of the same name, ending under the thunder of scorching guns, became the culminating and concluding number of most subsequent concerts of AC / DC. The 1983 album Flick of the Switch, which the band produced without Lang, received a pretty cool reception from the public. Drummer Phil Rudd left the group due to personal differences with the rest of the group, caused by, according to some sources, problems with alcohol. After an anonymous audition, he was replaced by Simon Wright, a former member of Tytan. In 1985, with the new line-up, the group recorded the album Fly on the Wall, which sold even worse than its predecessor. Along with this album, the band released the musical short film Fly on the Wall, in which AC / DC perform five of the album's ten songs in a bar, using a variety of special effects, including an animated fly. In 1986, AC / DC returned to the charts with the title track of Who Made Who, the soundtrack for Stephen King's film Maximum Overdrive. The album contained hits from previous albums and two new instrumental compositions. In February 1986, the group was inducted into the Australian Record Industry Association Hall of Fame. The 1988 album Blow Up Your Video was released by the group along with the original line-up of producers Harry Vanda and George Young. This album sold better than the previous one and hit the UK Top 20 Singles Chart with "Heatseeker".
Following the release of Blow Up Your Video, Wright left the band and was replaced by session musician Chris Slade. Johnson could not participate in the work of the group for several months, so the Youngi brothers wrote songs for the album on their own, as well as for all subsequent ones. In 1990, The Razor's Edge album was released, containing hits such as "Thunderstruck" and "Moneytalks". The album went multi-platinum, entered the top ten in the US (2nd place) and twenty singles in the UK. On March 21st 1991 AC / DC will begin their European tour in Helsinki. The UK leg of the tour kicked off on 15 April at Wembley. In August 1991, the band took part in the Monsters of Rock Festival in Castle Donington, as well as in a series of 20 festivals across the continent in 18 cities). This tour included one free performance, which took place in Moscow on September 28, 1991 at the Tushino airfield. It attracted a huge audience of about 500 thousand people (at that time AC / DC's music was very popular among Soviet youth, and the group's records could only be obtained on the black market). The Moscow concert took place just a month and a half after the GKChP coup, which ended with the fall of the power of the CPSU, and was presented as a "holiday of democracy and freedom" and was a kind of gift to Soviet youth for their resistance to the recently failed military coup attempt. The performance was videotaped and directed by Wayne Isham. The Moscow concert became a particularly outstanding event in the cultural life of the country in light of the fact that Western rock music was practically banned before perestroika. During the tour in support of The Razor's Edge, several of AC / DC's performances were recorded on tape. Among them was a historic concert in Moscow, as well as in Castle Donington, during the filming of which director David Mallet used 22 cameras. During the summer of 1993, AC / DC recorded a new song - "Big Gun". The song was recorded specifically for the soundtrack to The Last Action Hero (with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role). Big Gun was produced by Rick Rubin. The composition was released as a single by Atco in thelate June 1993. In early 1993, rumors spread that Phil Rudd was returning to AC / DC. At the end of The Razor's Edge Tour (1991) Phil attended an AC / DC concert in Auckland, New Zealand and then spent several hours chatting with the members. This was his first meeting with the band since 1983. In 1994, Phil Rudd returned to the group. The departure of Chris Slade, in this regard, was amicable and was mainly due to the strong desire of the group members to return Rudd. According to Angus Young, Slade was the best musician in AC / DC, but the desire to see Phil in the band was stronger. With this line-up, the band recorded the 1995 album Ballbreaker with hip-hop and heavy metal producer Rick Rubin and Stiff Upper Lip in 2000. Following the release of these albums, the band signed a long-term multi-album deal with Sony Music to be released under Epic Records.
2000s and 2010s
In March 2003, AC / DC was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York and performed their hits “Highway to Hell” and “You Shook Me All Night Long” with Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. In May 2003, Malcolm Young was awarded the Ted Albert Award for "Outstanding Contribution to Australian Music." In the same year, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) updated the band's album sales estimates from 46.5 million copies to 63 million, making AC / DC the fifth group in US history to sell the most albums after The The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Eagles. In addition, the album was certified "double diamond" (20 million copies sold) status of the album Back in Black, making it the sixth best-selling album in US history (in 2005 the number of copies sold reached 21 million, which brought it to fifth position). In July 2003, the band had a joint performance with the Rolling Stones at Sarsfest, a concert in Toronto (Canada) dedicated to the fight against the SARS epidemic. On October 1, 2004, Corporation Lane Street in Melbourne was officially renamed ACDC Lane in honor of the group (street names in Melbourne cannot contain the “/” character). The street is adjacent to Swanston Street, where the band recorded their video for the 1975 hit "It's a Long Way to the Top" (there is also another street in the world named after AC / DC, in Spain , in the city of Legan? s, near Madrid - "Calle de AC / DC"). In March 2005, a set of two DVDs, "Family Jewels", was released containing music videos and live music videos. The first disc dates back to the Bon Scott era (with live videos filmed ten days before Scott's death), the second contained videos from the Brian Johnson era. In April 2008, it became known that the musicians were working on a new album, which should be on sale before the end of the year. The single "Rock'n'Roll Train" was released on August 28, 2008, and on October 20 of the same year, AC / DC released their new album Black Ice, which topped the charts in 29 countries a week after its release. In the first week, the band sold 5 million copies of the album worldwide. In the Australian Top 50 at the beginning of November, there were 6 AC / DC albums. Among those who were enthusiastic about the new album was the Australian poet and writer John Kinsella, who noted the album's “clever, sharp, in its own way brilliant” lyrics. At the end of the year, Rolling Stone magazine compiled a list of the 50 best albums of 2008, in which the Australians with the album Black Ice took the 41st line of the charts. In February 2009, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) released its total worldwide album sales for 2008, in which AC / DC (Black Ice) came in second, behind only British band Coldplay with Viva la Vida. or Death and All His Friends. In late October, the band embarked on a North American tour with The Answer as an opening act. In November 2012, iTunes users gained access to the group's 16 studio albums. In March 2013, from an interview with Cliff Williams, it became known about the recording of a new album: “The main thing is to convey the main idea to the rest, then the drummer and vocalist will join. General ideas are concentrated and then we get the final material for work in the studio. "
In April 2014, Malcolm Young was forced to leave the group for health reasons. Malcolm's last performance with the band was on June 28, 2010 in Bilbao, Spain, and on November 18, 2017, he passed away at the age of 64. Thus, the new, 17th studio album by AC / DC, Rock or Bust, released in November 2014, became the first in the history of the group, in which Young did not participate. The guitarist's place was taken by his nephew Stephen Young. He was also listed as a guitar player intour in support of the album in 2015. In November 2014, New Zealand law enforcement charged drummer Phil Rudd with attempted murder and drug possession. The charges were partially withdrawn the next day. During the tour, Rudd was replaced by Chris Slade. In April 2015, Rudd pleaded guilty to the death threat, and soon after, the official AC / DC website included Slade in the group's main lineup. On July 9, 2015, Phil Rudd was sentenced to eight months of house arrest. In March 2016, Brian Johnson was given a disappointing diagnosis - doctors strongly recommended that he suspend his concert performances, otherwise the vocalist would face "complete hearing loss." As a result of the verdict of the doctors, AC / DC had to postpone many concerts in the USA and Europe as part of the Rock or Bust World Tourruen. Due to the current situation, it was unclear whether Johnson would remain in the group. The last show with AC / DC was on February 28, 2016 at the Sprint Center, Kansas City. Later on at the Guard Stern Show, Ruen Johnson stated that the hearing loss was not due to playing with AC / DC for 36 years, but most likely due to his passion for auto racing due to forgetting to insert earplugs during one of the races, as a result which had a ruptured left eardrum. However, on March 15, 2016, American comedian Jim Breuer (Johnson's friend) reported that Johnson had received a second opinion on his hearing and that not everything was as bad as originally thought. However, Johnson said that he was fired from AC / DC and hasn't heard anything from the band since the rescheduled tours, adding that Angus Young wants to continue the band for at least another ten years and make at least one more studio album. and a world tour. On April 17, 2016, the band announced that Axl Rose would take over as vocalist. On April 20, Johnson officially announced his departure from the group. In July 2016, bassist Cliff Williams announced his intention to leave the band after the end of the Rock or Bust tour at the end of the year. His decision stems from the departure of three other permanent band members. At the end of the Rock or Bust World Tourruen, he released a video message confirming his departure. His last performance with AC / DC was on September 20, 2016 in Philadelphia.
The future of the band

Following the band's final performance with Williams on September 21, 2016 in Philadelphia, it was reported that Axl Rose had joined the band as a permanent member, and that he and Angus would continue AC / DC activities with various musicians. In March 2018, Young's friend Angry Anderson (eng.) Russian. in an interview, said that he intends to make a new album with Rose. However, in August 2018, some sources suggested that Johnson and Rudd were working with the group again, as they were photographed together at The Warehouse Studioruen, in Vancouver, Canada, where the group had previously recorded their last three albums. According to NME as of September 2, 2018, the group was working on a new studio album using Malcolm Young's recordings, since in the early 2000s, five years before the release of 2008's Black Ice, Malcolm, along with his brother Angus, recorded material that will be included in album. Youngy wrote hundreds of songs, many of which were recorded, and Angus decided to select the best tracks from these recordings and mix them in the studio with Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson. On January 28, 2019, the American grindcore band Terrorizer in a post on Facebook published a post referring to Brian Johnson, who "tired of denying it" said that AC / DC was working on a new album. According to NME on February 11, 2019, Cliff Williams is rumored to be joining AC / DC again for a new album. Thus, all the surviving members of the "classic" line-up can return. On April 10, 2019, the band's longtime sound engineer Mike Fraser confirmed that he and the band are working in the studio: “Well, yeah, I can say that we were in the studio. What came of it, I cannot discuss yet. " When asked if Johnson was really on vocals, he laughed, "I think so." Five days later, Eddie Trunk announced that Johnson would be touring with the band, stating that “it's almost obvious that the guys are going to record. I have reliable sources that they will most definitely be touring with Brian again. ”